Terms of use

General terms

Thank you for your reservation, please note the following.

All booking requests are subject to these terms.

The client making the reservation must be at least 18 years old at the time of the reservation. When making a reservation, the client is obliged to provide all the information required by the reservation procedure.

Cancellation of reservation

If for any reason you are prevented from arriving at the time of your reservation, we kindly ask you to cancel the reservation at least 6 hours before the agreed time of your arrival at the parking lot.

You can cancel your reservation by e-mail at parkzagreb@gmail.com or by calling + 385 98 90 80 261, by calling or sending a message.

Method of payment and issuance of invoices

Payment is made after the service has been performed, in cash or by card (Maestro, Visa, MasterCard).

The lessor issues an invoice to the client for each service performed.

If you need an R1 invoice, please request it in advance.

Special conditions

Please inspect your vehicle before leaving the parking lot and inform us of any external damage.

The lessor is NOT obliged to compensate for damage to the vehicle if it was caused by:

– as a result of bad weather (e.g. hail, hurricane wind, flood, fire, etc.)

– at the moment when you or a person authorized by you were driving the vehicle

– in the event that your vehicle caused damage to another vehicle while you or a person authorized to do so was driving the vehicle.

Transportation to and from the airport

Transfer to and from the airport is free with reservation of a parking space. The transfer reservation is not made separately, but is automatically included in the parking space reservation procedure. When making a reservation, please enter all the necessary information so that we can organize the transfer according to your planned arrival and departure from the airport.

Contact information

Address: Zagreba─Źka 15, Velika Kosnica, 10410 Velika Gorica

Email: parkzagreb@gmail.com

Mobile: 098 90 80 261

Mobile: 098 450 064